#atozchallenge/’Q’ is for Quenneville

Coach Quenneville that is.  He is the head coach of the Chicago Blackhawks and if anyone can bring them through this, he can.  He is entertaining to watch to say the least.  Very intense and he is serious about his hockey team.  Total devotion and passion to the game.  But he still has a funny side to him.  I think he keeps it real when it comes to the game.  His player’s are more important to him.   This is an entertaining youtube video of the Coach’s Q-isms they are called. 

Go Blackhawks

Tonights the night we’ll see what happens.  They are my team, my guys and I love them all.  It matters because it’s the Cup.  Go Hawks.  Me and Connie will be rooting for ya, and the husband ❤ Should be a great game ❤  I also got my nails done.  It’s all about the Cup ❤  

7 Comments on “#atozchallenge/’Q’ is for Quenneville

    • Thank you so much for the compliment. Trying to get some mojo going for my guys !!! Do or die tonight. I’m hoping for Do…Thanks for visiting…Go Hawks !!!

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