#atozchallenge/’M’ is for Mojo



Well I’m posting a day late for the letter ‘M’ because I am so distracted by the playoff’s.  Our Blackhawks have lost the first 2 games against Nashville and they really need to get their Mojo going because their momentum is non-existant.  It is really hard to watch and I don’t know if I am going to be able to finish the challenge if they lose in the first round.  Well I don’t even know how to change up my Mojo, but let’s just hope they win at least one game preferably the next one.  The are on the road in Nashville and they play pretty well on the road.  So I’ll let you know…Go Hawks ❤

2 Comments on “#atozchallenge/’M’ is for Mojo

  1. I had to check the San Jose Sharks, they are 1 and 1 in their playoff series. Good luck with yours! Mojo is a crazy thing, huh?

    • OMG tonights the game and they really need to win this one or I’m pretty sure it’s over. It’s okay at least the winter is over and the sun is shining !!! Go Hawks ❤

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