Scarlett’s 200th follower drawing…

I’m sorry this is happening so late but I was doing it in between periods of the Blackhawks vs. Predators and as right now it’s 1/0 Predators, OMG.  

Here is the video of the drawing and the winner of the contest. It was fun and maybe I’ll do some more contest.  Connor was a big help with making the video into a movie.  I’m not much of an actress but it was fun and what the heck.

I would like to thank all my followers.  I love ya’ll and blogging has been great  for me.  Keep following and keep visiting.  Blessings ❤

6 Comments on “Scarlett’s 200th follower drawing…

    • It was so fun to do. I am really glad my son Connie was home, he was a huge help with the youtube video. My Blackhawks lost 😦 This is going to get me crazy. Whenever you can, go browse around our website and pick out a watercolor print.

  1. I saw that my name was on one of the numbers! How cool to even be in the running! Congrats to you and the winner!

    • It was fun ❤️ I’m going to do more stuff like that. I’ll have to learn b/c my Connie helped me with the video 😊

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