#atozchallenge/’G’ is for Goon

Good Saturday afternoon.  I’m a little late on this one, but weather was beautiful and it’s the weekend.  This letter ‘G’ is basically just going to be this video.  I’ll just say that in hockey you have your leader’s like the Captain, Johnathon Toews who takes the team to victory with a level of professionalism and  shear talent.  The skill players.  Then you have your Protector’s or like the video says, “Always room on the team for a goon.”


Keeping it light today, and it’s the last day of the regular season and I have to watch my Blackhawks before we go into the madness that comes with the playoffs, OMG!!!!

2 Comments on “#atozchallenge/’G’ is for Goon

    • The game was last night and they lost 🏒😩🏒😩🏒. Now onto the playoffs. I’m going to be so nervous 😩

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