#AtoZChallenge/B is for Blueline

I am doing the #atozchallenge.  My theme is hockey…

This is a very important piece of information in the game of hockey.  I can’t tell you, (but there have been plenty of times) how many goals were disallowed b/c someone was offsides i.e. over the blueline before the puck crossed.  I really can’t even tell sometimes because like I said this is a fast game.  That can be extremely frustrating in a close game or worse yet the playoff’s, OMG.  Well just read the definition of, “Blueline,” below and look at the visual provided.

Ice hockey requires a rink that is separated into three sections, which are delineated by the blue line. There are two lines in a hockey rink that indicate the transition from the neutral zone and the offensive zone of each team. For example, if an offensive player is carrying the puck in the area between the two blue lines, he is in the neutral zone. If he carries the puck over the line toward the opposing team’s goalie, he is said to be in his offensive zone. If he carries that puck back over the opposite line toward his own goalie, he has entered his defensive zone.

The blue line is important in determining whether a player is off-sides, meaning that the player has entered the offensive zone before the puck has. If the player has, in fact, crossed before the puck does, the referee blows the whistle and the play is dead. In addition, if an offensive player enters the offensive zone, leaves it, then re-enters while some of his teammates remained there, the referee whistles off-sides and the play is again dead. If a player crosses the blue line and is off-sides, the play is taken outside the offensive zone to a face-off dot just inside the neutral zone. The play is now considered neutral, with neither team in control of the puck until the referee drops it at the face off.

This highlight video real will show you how it looks to get a disallowed goal.  It happens at 4:55/5:00 minute mark.  It was really unfortunate b/c that would’ve tied up the game.  As it  was they tied up anyways, but lost in OT.  That was a hard one to watch, but they are not going to win every game.  That’s just the way it goes…The more games you watch and watching the referees and the players, I can usually tell when it’s offsides.  The body language of the player’s too, how they won’t touch the puck b/c they know it’ll be offsides if they do.  You just have to become a total hockey coo coo bird and schedule your life around the season to get good at calling it.  I’m just totally amazed at this sport.  

I can throw a football, swing a bat and hit a ball, dribble a basketball down the court and make a shot (not well, but I could at least do it).  But to lace up a pair of skates and just skate, well you would really have to know me.  Just think, Humpty Dumpty.  The injuries I would sustain.  Well I couldn’t even skate let alone fast, backwards, holding a stick, passing a puck, getting smashed by the goon on the opposing team and then scoring.  I mean those guys are just crazy.  Total Mayhem on ice !!!  But they are such great athletes and just so much fun to watch, well I’m just in awe of them.  I told my Connor that if he ever has a little boy we are going to get some skates on that kid before he can even walk.  Connor said, “Mom, do you know how expensive it is to play hockey ??”  I replied, “Connie, that’s what grandpapa’s and grandmama’s are for 🙂 “

Well give the video a watch and I hope you are enjoying learning about hockey.  This internet thing is great.  That’s where I’m getting all of the technical stuff about hockey from.  Enjoy & Blessings ❤ 

2 Comments on “#AtoZChallenge/B is for Blueline

    • I told Connie when he has kids/sons, we’ll have skates on him before he can walk…That’s what he said, “Mom, do you know how expensive that is ??” I replied, “That’s what grandmama’s & grandpapa’s are for 😉 ” Thanks for visiting and commenting. When we get deeper in, I’ll have some good stories. Good luck with your challenge ❤

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