Monday, Monday

Yes I’m sure we’ve all felt it already.  It’s cloudy and cold.  I hate March it really is my least favorite month.  I have things to do but it’s Monday and I just really want to go back to bed.  Was awake til at least 2am, don’t know why.  Probably b/c of the movie I watched, “The Fault in our Stars.”   It was a good movie.  Couple of things hit home and I’m going to add visiting Amsterdam and the Anne Frank Haus on my bucket list ..I can’t believe that wasn’t on my list already.

We had a really great weekend inside, rainy & cold.  I did get my TN (Travelor’s Notebook) done and it’s so pretty.  Let me show you some pictures of it.



















I also did a video on it.  

It was so much fun putting it together.  It really is great to have when I’m out on the road.  Fits into my purse and I have a home for just about everything I need.  Grocery lists, coupons, receipts, you get the picture plus it’s so darn cute !!!!

I have to go plan my week, do my morning pages, get some breakfast and get this party started ❤  My Blackhawk’s are on tonight, OMG did they get their heads handed to them Saturday night.  It was uuugggly. I even turned it off.  I think they just want the playoff’s to start.  Didn’t get to watch with Connie b/c him and Matthew went to New York for the weekend.  That’s probably why they lost, the mojo got screwed up.  We weren’t watching together.  They had fun though.  I’ll try and get some pics loaded up from their trip.

Have a great Monday Blogger’s…I think it will be a Meatloaf Monday for dinner and spaghetti.  Probably will bake some biscuits too…  


3 Comments on “Monday, Monday

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    • Oh I would love that challenge as I sing a song for everything. At least I use to when the kids were here. They always said I have a song for everything. I really think I do ❤ Blessings

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