A to Z Theme Reveal

This just made my day…I have not been paying too close attention to these challenges.  I did the A to Z challenge last year and really loved it.  I made some really good friends and it was something to look forward to each day.  I just love, love, loved it !!!

Last year I didn’t have a theme and this year I’m going to try that out.  I was going to do Theater b/c the family has been so involved in that over the years.  Two of the boys are professional ballet dancer’s.  Then I thought about it and I have decided I am going to make my theme, “Hockey !!!”  Because it’s April and we are coming up to the playoffs and the quest to bring Lord Stanley’s Cup home!!!  Our Blackhawks are looking real good and I’m not even going to say it but you know what I’m thinking.  

It will be fun watching the season unfold.  You will love this blog and watching me get my MoJo on with my guys, Connie (Connor) and Matthew.  You will really enjoy what a coo coo bird I become during the playoffs.  So w/o further ado it’s H O C K E Y  for my theme reveal !!!  Go Hawks and let’s bring Lord Stanley home…

10 Comments on “A to Z Theme Reveal

  1. It’s going to be fun. I’m killing 3 birds with one stone. 1. I’ll learn a lot. 2. I’ll get to talk to Connie everyday. 3. I’ll get my blogging/writing done…I’d say that’s pretty productive ❤

  2. Well, I’ve seen many theme reveal these last few days, and let me tell you yours is pretty unique.

    Have a fantastic challenge!!!!

    The Old Shelter – Theme Reveal – 1940s Film Noir

    • I am so looking forward to it!!! I love blogging and I love hockey so it is going to be a win,win for me. Thanks for visiting ❤

  3. I am not very fond of hockey so not very excited by the theme – apologies!! But I wish you a whole lot of luck and strength for this challenge.

    • I wasn’t either and I don’t know why I just love, love, love it now…It’s gotten me through some of life’s greatest challenges. I know it’s going to be a good day if I have a game to look forward to watching at night. Don’t right it off. Follow the A to Z Challenge on blog, who knows you might just find you really love it ❤ Blessings and thanks for visiting ❤

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