Thank You

Hi blogger’s out there in the bloggoshpere…Haven’t posted in a long while.  I think it’s the winter blues even though we really have not had a winter out here in the Midwest.  No motivation to do much but since the time change, been feeling a little better.  

Today I felt like I just had to say, “Thank you.”  Thank you to my son’s, Connor (Connie) and Matthew.  So many things can not be right, but then I think of them and they are my crown jewels.  I must have done something right to have brought those two young men in the world.  They are thoughtful and kind to their old mom and dad.  

Connie is just the sweetest.  Last night he FaceTimed us to watch the hockey game.  It’s our little ritual and during that he said it’s time to set up our brackets.  You know the NCAA brackets.  It just so happens Northwestern University is in the Big Dance (for the first time in 70 + years) and it just so happens the husband graduated from NU.  You know they call it the Harvard of the Midwest (not to brag, but it’s like they say “It ain’t bragging if it’s true”).  On top of that he put himself through there.  He didn’t have a father to help him because his father died when he was only 9 years old.  But I digress, back to my, “Thank You.”

I say thank you to Connie for sharing his life with us.  I’m quite sure he has better things to do than watch the hockey game and fill out brackets with us.  But he never forgets about his family and for that I am proud and thankful for him.  He is truly a wonderful son and I love him to the moon

Sorry Connie I had to put up that one because the smile is just to die for ❤

And then of course there is Matthew.  The brother’s, who know what family is all about and I couldn’t be prouder of them.   We are all just igging it out together.  Matthew is a professional dancer and he is going to be choreographing an entire ballet in the coming months !!  Road Trip out to Virginia and I can hardly wait.  He works so hard physically and it’s a very hard life being an artist.  We love you Matthew.  I love, love, love all of the surprises with his performances !!!!  Pictures please

This is a picture of him and Phillip Glass, world renowned for his music.  Too many accolades to mention in this post, but he met him and like he said when he did, Mind + Blown !!!   Besides that, how handsome is my son.  


Of course I have to put up one more picture of his amazing talent !!!

B R A V O !!!!  and you to Mz. Valerie ❤

So today I just want to say Thank You to our son’s.  You are wonderful men and you really do make this world a better place and even more you bring so much happiness and joy into me and your father’s life.  B O O M ❤

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