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1.  Ever ran out of gas in your vehicle?

Nope never ran out of gas, but I did have a flat tire with 4 kids while I was on a road trip…  That can really blow  your mind, especially with limited funds and it was a Sunday when everyone was closing.  Thank God the husband had the presence of mind to know what was happening, hence the sound of air coming out of the tire.  It turned out to be a nail and we had to get a new tire if I remember correctly. The husband is a great guy when it comes to crisis management.  He keeps his head together and just solves the problem !!!  Great guy, and I love him ❤

2.  Which are better: black or green olives?

I’m going to say green.  I know I just like them and I know the black ones taste the same I hear…But the green ones have character 🙂

3.  If you were a great explorer, what would you explore?

If I were a great explorer, I would explore Mr. Everest  !!!  But I’d have to be a really great, great explorer of which I am not.  So I will just watch other people (who must be crazy to explore that freezing cold mountain) explore, explore, explore from my nice warm bedroom 🙂

4.  Quotes List: At least three of your favorite quotes?

1. “Fate whispers to the warrior, “You cannot withstand the Storm.”  The warrior whispers back, “I am the Storm !!!”

2. “Through many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come;  Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home.”

3.  “When I look back on my life, I see someone who was afraid to speak up for herself…and then she wasn’t.

Optional Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Last week I am grateful for payday and having a husband who loves me, gets up every morning and answers the bell and goes to work to take care of us and his family.  Oh and I always get a kiss goodnight<3 The coming week I’m looking forward for March because that officially ends winter!!! B O O M

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