Good Tuesday Morning

Woke up at 7:30 am and found the husband on the couch sleeping…Really, is this an I’m staying home today or OMG is it really 7:30 am I have to get up and go.   Well it turned out he had a meeting/sales call so he didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn.  So I didn’t know that and it kind of changed my plans for today…Oh well I really didn’t want to clean the bathrooms anyway.  Tomorrow

I had to take husband to the train later so our Mz. Bella was happy. She just loves, loves, loves to go for a ride with me.  She just hung out in the back while  I ran my errands. img_4206 img_4205







First stop I needed Coffee.  Used the last pot this morning and my wonderful husband left it for me (He just pretty much doesn’t want to go there with me, no coffee when I wake up).  He just ran out to get a cup at Starbucks.  Then needed to stop at the bank and stopped at Starbucks to get my breakfast.  After that it I stopped at Casey to pick up my order of, “Paczki’s.”   Fat Tuesday People and I always get them, soooo delicious.

Fat Tuesday/Paczki's

 The husband did eat the last one of those this morning but I was okay with that b/c I knew I was getting more.

So that was the morning.  I did get in the mail (OMG it was so early for the mail) but was happy I did because it was more planner love supplies.

I’m going to post more about my planner supplies, but still have much to do to give that post the attention it deserves.

February Listersgottalist Planner Headquarters Truly Planner Love February's Planner Love












These are my planner’s from February.  I’m going to be working on March’s Planner Love so I’ll put up another post about all the cool new planner stuff that I got.  I’m also organizing them and I’ll post how that  turns out.  I think I’ll need a friend for that one 😉  I just love, love, love my planner’s ❤  The husband is so funny.  When I start to talk about my Planner Love, he says if I don’t stop talking about it he’ll start talking about Elvis.  I guess that’s fair.   Oh here’s a really cute video I got of Mz. Bella and Louie the cat.  Those two are just such good friends.  You’ll notice Mz. Bella’s limp at the end of the video.  Those two were horsing around (running) and Mz. Bella hurt her leg.  It’s getting better though.  Last time it was Louie limping around at Christmastime.

Stormy day here. Hope it doesn’t get too bad.  I just realized I’m going to have to get a plan in place to protect all my cool planner love supplies.  I’d just die if anything happened to them.  No really, I am keeping them in the closet in the middle of the house so I guess that’s the safest place.  Have a great day bloggers, love ya ❤

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