Good Monday Afternoon

So today I’m going to do my Monday’s Meals.  It’s really from yesterday, so I’m kind of cheating.  It was from my party on Superbowl Sunday.  Was that some kind of crazy game or what.  We watched it from opening kickoff to 4th quarter to OT.  OMG I never thought they were going to win.  It just goes to show you, as long as you don’t quit you are not beaten.  It’s not over til, yadayadayada 🙂  It was one of the best Superbowl’s I’ve ever seen.  

On my Superbowl Sunday menu was my Savory Ring Sandwich.  It turned out really good and I love, love, love making it because it is so pretty.  It’s pretty simple too.  The bread is pillsbury french bread dough, but it tastes like homemade when you get finished with it.  Here are some pictures of it…

At first I was going to use my bundt pan, but that didn’t seem like it would turn out so well.  I just stuck to the old tried and true way that I make it and I used my flat stone.  You have to use 2 pillsbury french bread rolls and attach them together.  I coated it lightly with some vegetable oil and used basil, italian seasoning 1/2 t. of each and 3 cloves of garlic.  Beware though, the house will smell like garlic, wow !!!  Bake at 350 degrees for 25/30 minutes, cool on bread rack completely.


I usually make this earlier in the day because the rest of the recipe is a no brainer and doesn’t take up your entire day.  In other words, you get to enjoy your party too 🙂

Next I wash up the vegetables I’m using on the sandwich, lettuce, tomatoes, green & red peppers.  Then I slice everything pretty thin with my mandolin.  Of course I can’t find the slicer (the thing that holds the veggies in place while you run it over the incredibly sharp guillotine) so I had to do it by hand otherwise I would’ve lost a finger or two 🙂

Once all the veggies are prepped, I assemble the sandwich.  Meat (salami, virginia baked ham, smoked turkey) all from the deli.  I alternate sharp cheddar with baby swiss.  I top it off with some Italian salad dressing and cut it into 6/8 pieces.  

Voila !!  Success and the sandwich is even better today.  Those are my baked beans and bowtie pasta with peas.  Superbowl Party menu was good, game was great, the commercials a little boring this year.  To much politics and messages.  Not interested, I want to laugh, thank you.  They were not good this year…Blessings ❤  Have a great week.  It’s not snowing and it’s kind of warm and winter is just about over !!!  Yay, Yah for a great Monday ❤

One thing, go check out our store.  The Painter was working hard this weekend and he did a lot of really cool paintings.  He also finished up some of his paintings.  The really are beautiful ❤  Just follow the link …  Thanks ❤  



5 Comments on “Good Monday Afternoon

  1. After reading a number of your posts, I am certain you and your family enjoy almost every moment of anything to do with your favorite sports. What I love most is the sense that you are doing it together as a family. Then you share this yummy looking homemade sandwich and fixings. I imagine there’s nothing left from yesterday, so glad you took pictures. Go team!!!

    • Trust me there was some left… I sneak some aside for the husbands lunch and maybe a sliver for me!!! With all the boys it is a challenge!!! Thanks for visiting ❤️ The first date for me and the us was at Comiskey Park. Brewers vs. White Sox. That was 40 years ago. Keep the husband happy 😊 with food and sports!!! It’s made for a wonderful and happy 38 years of marriage ❤️ Blessings

  2. Love reading your blog.i love your positive attitude! We enjoyed the super bowl also,but the commercials were horrible! I will definitely be making your sandwich.

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