Saturday Afternoon

Well still no sunshine, dark and dreary and cold…So I guess today is a good day for painting and planning, which is what we’ll both be doing.  The weekends go by so fast.  The husband got a haircut today so I just stayed home and got to ground zero and a shower all by noon.  Good for a Saturday.  

Then he starts his painting and he says, “Your not going to like this.”  Hmmm, I wonder what he meant by that.  No sooner does he say that, then he starts moving things around.  He was right about that, I wasn’t going to like that.  The size of his picture was what I was going to have the problem with…The animals were enjoying it however…
img_4053img_4052 img_4050

Whatever, I just work around all of his painting stuff.  It keeps him busy and happy and out of my way.  Well kind of out of my way.  It’s going to be a picture of the Board of Trade, downtown in the city.  Mr. Louie thinks that’s a good place to take a cat bath 🙂


I’m still trying to figure out my planner system.  Went downtown for a burger for dinner and stopped off at Barnes & Noble.  We both got a book and then went home and spent Saturday evening watching murder & mayhem and then  the news which was more murder and mayhem then we read.  It’s a great life, really it is…Enjoy what’s left of  your weekend ❤     

I hope you went shopping or at least window shopping at  or


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