Brown BeautyDon’t you just love, love, love Friday’s ❤  Next there’s sleeping in Saturday, woo hoo !!!  I do wish though that we would have some sunshine.  I can’t tell  you when the last time was that I saw the sun…It’s been very long though, maybe since December I kid you not.  Well at least it’s good for sleeping in Saturday.

Should be a fun weekend if I can get the Artist/husband to put down his paint brush and maybe go to a movie.  I do have a shot at it because it’s not Superbowl Sunday and the Blackhawks are on the all star break.  Even though I have to admit I like watching them too.  They better get their act together, lost again last night so I’m sure they can use the time off.

So I’ll show you what the Artist has been up to lately.  He finished the Brown Beauty as you can see up above…  It turned out really nice, but I’m just a tad bit prejudiced on his painting’s.  I think all of them are beautius !!!  He’s already sketched out what he’ll be doing this weekend.


Last night when I went in to say good night, this is what he was working on…I must say, I was a little irritated.   I thought he was working on another one of his Masterpieces and it was this…img_4025Yes he was just playing around with his paints instead of hanging with me watching the Blackhawks lose.  Oh well, I had Connie to talk to and watch them lose.  He said it wasn’t playing, he was experimenting with colors and stuff, yadayadayada.  Whatever it is that you do, you do it well !!!!

Have a great weekend blogger’s and I’m getting a jump on sell something Saturday.  So visit our store, here’s the link… and remember to use my Amazon link if you go shopping on Amazon, pleazzzzzzz…and thank you.  We also sell our Artwork on Amazon.  Here is the link for that…

Blessings ❤



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