Keep your eye on the prize

Never look away because you might lose it and you have worked to hard to get there so hold onto it with both hands.  Don’t let go !!!!

The husband/painter was doing what he does again this weekend, painting…I of course was watching the Blackhawks, who won both of their games, W O O   H O O !!! and were looking really good for the most part.  I still don’t think they have peaked yet which is a good thing when it comes to the playoffs and chasing the Stanley Cup.  The games were so much fun to watch. 

I was also orgainizing my planner supplies and writing area.  It made me feel so good to see all of my planner supplies.  I really need to see them and that gives me so much inspiration.  Here are some pictures of how I organized them all.

This is suppose to be my dining room, but since the queen has a full schedule this year, this has now become my Planner Heaven.   I love it and the husband loves it too.  He’s says this is our place to play ❤  He’s so great and I love him to the moon and back.  Don’t forget to check out his site and see what he’s been up too…

This is last weekends picture that he finished up and the new one he’s working on this week.  Have a great week blogger’s, blessings ❤

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