Elan Creations Painter

Let’s sell some painting’s today… Go shopping and pick out an amazing picture to hang up in your house today.  Here is one the painter has been working on.  It’s not finished yet, but I think it’s looking really good ❤

This is the process.  Friday night after he gets off work he’ll start sketching a picture that he has in his mind.  


Then he’ll start painting them on Saturday into Sunday… with his Bella watching close by. 

This is where it’s at right now.  I’m sure some evening this week he’ll get it finished.  I usually tell him, “Okay it’s good, put an Amen to it 😉 ” and then he puts his signature to it ❤

The Frozen Wasteland

Here’s what the button on the side looks like.  All you have to do is click on it and that will bring you to our store.  He’s got so many great pictures, I would love it for you to go and check it out ❤  Blessings ❤


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