Sell Something Sunday

Yes I know but I missed yesterday, had to take Bella to the vet for shots so I didn’t have time to do Sell Something Saturday so I just moved it to Sunday.  I have put up on my side bar a link to our store, “Elan Creations Painter” to make it easier to get too.  So I hope you will go check it out.  He is an amazing artist and he does some very cool pieces.  He is working mostly with Oils now, but he still has a lot of original watercolor prints.

My shop at amazon link is farther down on the side bar.  I would thank you so very much if you are going to shop at Amazon, use that link.  It will bring you right there, no muss, no fuss.

Today will be a relaxing day at home.  I’m going to make brunch which is my favorite meal of all times to cook.  It will be something yummy.  I think I’m going to do French Toast (using Texas Toast bread) & bacon.  I’m also going to juice some fresh OJ and have a pot of hot coffee going all day.  We love to drink coffee and the aroma of fresh coffee is wonderful.  It’s going to go along with this cloudy, damp day perfectly.

After that it’s shower’s and a few errands.  Then maybe it will be a cozy little dinner out.  I’m thinking maybe a nice drive down into the city in a quiet corner at Italian Village.  I have been dying for some of their venison ravioli, followed up by a cup of espresso with the dessert tray with all kinds of cookies and cannoli’s.  Nothing like an Italian Meal to warm you on a chilly, damp day.  We should be able to make it back by the time the puck drops at 6pm vs. the Minnesota Wild.  I’m thinking we might have some trouble tonight, but I don’t care.  Hey it’s my favorite thing to do (win or lose) watching/ FaceTiming the Blackhawks with my guys out in Richmond !!!!

I’m sure I’ll get a planning session in somewhere along the way for the week.  Last night we went out and I got some new planning supplies and can’t wait to use them.  So there you go, that’s the day in a nutshell.  I hope all is good with your weekend.  Looking forward to another week and it’s suppose to be in the 50’s OMG that’s unheard of here in the midwest.  Next week we’ll probably be having a blizzard.  Love ya, blogger’s ❤

Here are a few Painiting’s from our site !!!  Please go and check it out.  He can also do any type of customize painting’s that you would like from a photo.  

The Grand Peacock

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