Another Saturday Night

I was just reading over my older blog post’s (which I do on occasion) to make sure I’m not repeating myself.  You start getting a little, let’s say forgetful, for lack of a cooler word when you get in your 50+ years.  Not so much because of the age, more likely because you just have so many years and things to remember.  Okay that’s not really what I even want to talk about.

What I want to talk about is all my New Year stuff, “The Artist Way & 5 Year Plan” that I started at the New Year and here it is only January 14th and I’ve already forgotten about this.  I remembered when I started reading my older blog’s (a couple of days old so not really even old) so I am going to have to start all over again because they were really good.  

I think the reason I forgot about them was because you got it, I didn’t  “Write it down, Make it happen,” and I got all confused with my planner’s.  I did however get my Midori done as you can see from my previous blog post.

It’s all about the planner’s and planning your day, week, month, yadayadayada… I have about 4 planner’s sitting around right now and yes I still think I need to order another planner.  I need a planning intervention of some kind.  But before that I’m going to give each one of them a name and a function and that should get me back on track, I hope.

I told you I have planner’s all around me.  Help Mr. Wizard 🙂  No worries, I will get this under some kind of control sooner or later.  


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