Planner Day

Good Friday morning blogger’s.  Yes today is planner day.  I was suppose to get it yesterday in the mail but it never came.  So disappointing, but it’s going to come today.  It USPS confirmation number says it arrived at the local post office this morning so today will be the day.  

It’s a Franklin Covey Day Planner.  I really need the daily format because I need a lot of space to write down what I need to do for the day.  I’ll put some pictures up of my planner’s this weekend.  I really love the Carpe Diem Weekly Planner, but it just doesn’t have enough space to put all my thought down for the day.  I’m going to use that to set up my daily though.  

I got woken up by Bella last night and the kitty.  Bella was eating my 2017 midori traveler monthly insert.  That was the one I was going to use for my Blackhawks schedule.  Those two must go out by my desk at night and get my planning stuff and eat it.  I could just spit.  I was going to get that planner going today, but it looks now like I will have to re-order the monthly calendar insert for my Midori Traveler.  And she wonders why she ends up in the back room when we leave.


Today is a little better than yesterday.  I suppose you can tell I was a bit edgy yesterday.  My guys went back to Virginia yesterday so I was a bit sad.  But they need to live their lives and it’s a good thing.  They are doing so well out in Virginia and I couldn’t be prouder of them.  I miss them but we talk all the time and FaceTime so I get to be in their lives.  Watching our Blackhawk’s just puts a smile 🙂 on my face !!!!

We face timed during the Blackhawks last night and they won.  WOO HOO in overtime so it was that much more exciting !!!!  I like this time of year because now we are getting into the meat of the season.  Before you know it, it will be time for the playoff’s.  That is when things get really interesting.

The Brother’s

I got the house pretty close to ground zero yesterday and I think I’m going to make Friday my Artist Date.  Now I just have to revisit that section to see what classify’s as an Artist Date.  My Morning Pages are coming along.  They really get all of the mud, demon’s who live rent free in your head and white noise out of your brain and you can have a much more productive day. 

The weekends here and it starts off good.  We will be watching the Blackhawks tonight and the weather is suppose to moderate a bit so we’ll get our walking in.  I love, love, love walking with him.  He holds my hand and he makes me feel so safe and I always get a kiss in there some where along the walk, maybe 2…We’ll have coffee together in the morning and read the paper together.  Run our errands, he’ll paint and I’ll plan.  He’ll watch murder and mayhem on the tv and I’ll watch some reruns or the weather.  Our life together is good.  It always has been for the last 41 years.  For that I am truly thankful for.  He is my everything ❤

Have a great weekend 🙂  I know I will 


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