Crap Weasel

Good Thursday morning blogger’s.  It’s almost the weekend.  Matthew & Connie were wheel’s up pretty early this morning.  Husband drove them to the airport around 5am.  I just stayed all wrapped up in my nice warm (electric blanket) bed while they came in and each one gave me a good bye, I love you mom kiss ❤ while I was sleeping softly.  Those are the best and I imprint them on my soul for all eternity.  I love you guys, safe travels.  We’ll FaceTime tonight and watch the game.  Those Blackhawks need to right the ship. Connie said to me last night, “They always go on a losing streak when we get together.”  He’s right I think so we’ll have to switch up the mojo again.  Maybe this will help.  The guys made it back safely ❤   

Anyways back to the title of this post.  The husband is a very smart man.  He reads everything and has degrees from Northwestern (The Harvard of the midwest) and an MBA from DePaul.  He has built an amazing career and who knew I could get such a man to fall in love with me for the last 42 years ❤ B O O M!!!   Anyways he’s always coming up with these words, he’s got quite the vocabulary, and when he does I remind him that I did not graduate from Northwestern.  He just says like any good english teacher with a catholic background, “Go look it up.”  

So he uses the word “Crap weasel” quite often so I just asked him, “What exactly is a crap weasel?”  He told me to go look it up so I did…

crap weasel

A person who is jerk, asshole, butt munch, etc.
You are a big crap weasel!

That’s a good word and he’s spot on when referencing certain people with that word.  I think it’s going to become one of my favorite words, crap weasel !!!

Going to get the house to ground zero, and ready for the weekend.  It’s going to be a great day ❤  


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