The Artist Way/My 5 Year Plan


These are two things I want to start right away this year.  The Artist Way is a workshop/book by Julia Cameron. I have started with this before and it is a very positive way to continue my writing and moving forward.  The second thing I will start right off in 2017 is 5/Where will you be five years from today.  I bought this book 4 years ago for the husband and I should’ve started it then, but as the saying goes, “Better late than never.”  

I am going to incorporate these two things in my blog.  Another one of my goals is to get my editorial calendar mapped out.  When I do, I’m pretty sure I’ll have a day for each one of these side journey’s that I’m taking.

the ARTIST’S WAY ~ A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity… A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self.  I have found it to be great place to just start.  She incorporates a lot of different tools to get you moving in the direction that you want to go.  A few of them are, “The Morning Pages,” and “The Artist Date.”  I’m not sure how much I am going to share in this blog, but follow along. Maybe go get the books, I’m sure it will be fun and interesting.img_3934

The second one is 5/Where will you be in five years from today?  Five years…260 weeks…1,825 days, 2,333,000 minutes.  What will you do with it?  What could you do with it?    This is a great book to get you motivated with your life.  It is a very easy read.  I read it in an hour.  Great food for thought.


Just of couple of new things I’m going to be working on along with my planners and our Business.  Painter/husband has been working on some things, you should go check it out.  If you don’t see something, just msg. me,  I have a lot of work to in getting my sites current. That’s what Janurary’s for.  Happy New Year, Blogger’s ❤  Love ya ❤


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