One more time…

So it’s one more trip out to see Dr. Scott ❤  He’s the best.  The whole way home we were talking about how great it is to have him as our dentist!!!  We love him <3.   It was also a good thing that tooth went bad out here.  You want someone good fixing the tooth, and he’s the best.

So today it’ll just be me and Connie driving out there.  The husband went to work and Matthew just went to hang out in the city. I hope he’s careful down there.  It’s changed a lot since he use to go to school down there, but you can’t tell them anything.  

Kitty’s leg is still down but I think/hope it’s getting better.  I’m just going to wait and see how it goes because I really hate the thought of going to the vet and forking over $200.   Because it’s $200 everytime you walk into the place.

I think we’ll do noodles for dinner tonight because the hawks are on and I’ll be gone most of the day.  I’ll probably just make it back in time to get them from the train.  The weather’s good and the drive is nice, and I’ll have time to catch up with my Connie.  I’m sure he will be glad when this gets fixed.  The guy has been doing some major suffering with that tooth. 

I was hoping to start working on my 2017 Planner’s this week but it didn’t work out that way. We were going to go out to dinner for New Year’s Eve, but the guys just want to get Pizza and hang out.  That sounds wonderful to me.  I usually take down the Christmas Decorations but I didn’t put any up this year so yay me, I can just watch tv with the rest of them.  

I have a lot to get ready for the new year.  I’m hoping 2017 will be better than 2016, because 2016 was horrible.  Hopefully I will be able to put it into some kind of retrospect or at least have some kind of closure to all of the backstabbing that went on towards me. If not, I can always rely on Karma.  Because you mark my words, ‘What goes around, comes around.” You can’t spread that kind of evil out in the world and expect anything good to come of it.  I was suppose to be part of a family, guess not so much.  Turns out blood is not thicker than money.  Wow where did that come from …

No worries though, I do have my husband who loves me to the moon.  He works and makes a good living and takes care of his family.  I have my 2 boys who know what the meaning of family is, loyalty, love and igging it out when things get tough.  And who could forget about Kitty (Mr. Louiebird), Mz. Elsa Mae and Bella.  They are the nicest animals and keep me sane.   I have really good friends who are loyal and love my family.  Cheryl & Dr. Scott, Mz. Beth, Maria, Mz. Lisa.  So I count my blessings and my cup is full.  And then I have all of you, thanks for reading and sharing. I wish all of you a Happy New Year “2017”.  

So I heard a song last night that I haven’t heard in such a long time.  I love it and I’ll share it with you.  Blessings Blogger’s ❤

This ones for you Mr. Connor ❤  Love you, do you remember ??? Because I do 😉     

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