Hee Haw/Hats & Horns

It’s Wednesday and I have 1 kid down w/a toothache (Thank You to the Skittles) now there will be a trip out to Dr. Scott.  I have 1 kitty down with a bum leg, trying to put off a $200 trip to the vet, but that doesn’t seem likely.  Kitchen sink was leaking and 2 toilets needed fixing, what are the chances  all at the same time, uggghhh.  


So good Wednesday morning.  Fixed the leak in the kitchen sink and the toilets yesterday.  Driving out to see Dr. Scott today and the kitty, well let’s just hope he’s better by payday b/c nothings going to happen before then.  You just have to love life, ain’t it grand !!!

Enjoying the holiday’s with our guys.  Family, food, Blackhawks & fun!!!  It’s all good.  Been doing a lot of cooking which is always a good thing because I love to cook.  We had my Chicago Chicken last night in between the plumber’s and getting the husband from the train.  

Glad today we are going to get that tooth fixed so Connie can feel better.  Nothing quite compares to a, “Hot” tooth.  Hope your New Year Plans are going well.  Have a great day blogger’s.  

Pre Happy New Year ❤  

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