Merry Day After Christmas

I hope everyone had a really joyous Christmas.  I know I did.  It started out with a great dinner with the Husband and then just spending a quiet evening at home relaxing and watching TV.  Christmas movies, OMG we watched, “Die Hard,” while we were wrapping presents.  Hey that’s a Christmas movie.  Midnight Mass, it was just like I remembered it to be…Amazing and so Christmas.  Didn’t get to sleep until way late, but the husband let me sleep in and he went and got the guys.  They had an early flight out of Richmond.

I knew they would be tired so I just planned a simple brunch with my egg casserole, my sticky buns and coffee.  I also made juice with my juicer, so delicious. Then everyone fell asleep.  You can tell they are older because we didn’t even open the presents.  They just wanted to sleep.   I said to the husband, “I still know how to make them fall asleep <3. ”   

When we woke up, we opened presents and we had dinner, Slumgullion. It’s something new that I’ve started.  So delicious.  It’s like a spaghetti based sauce but with tweeks to it over pasta shells. I forgot to take pictures.  A salad and garlic bread.  We also had my cheesecake.   It turned out really good!!!  I guess I did take some pictures of the sauce/slumgullion..


After that we sat around and watched the first 2 episodes of, “Road to the Winter Classic.”   This is a really great tradition.  This is our 4th year and the Winter Classic.  Again we had to watch it on my computer, EPIX is the channel.  We watch the 1st 2 series.  I just love, love, love watch those Blackhawks with my guys.  Connie knows so much about hockey.  Any questions, we’ve got our own little computer hockey man !!!

Here we are gathered around my computer watching. Best time ever !!!



Below is a picture of all of us in the hotel at Virginia Beach watching the, “Road to the Classic.”  It was the our Christmas Present to the guys tickets to the Winter Classic in D.C.  Weather was beautiful and we had the best vaca/Christmas ever !!!  I love you guys ❤   



Today it’s the movies after my dinner.  Menu today is a Beef Tenderloin w/parmesean potatoes.  This is my first try at it, but it looks easy enough. Steak rolls, and salad and we’ll finish off the cheesecake.

 I hope everyone had a great Christmas, I know we did.  Blessings blogger’s ❤


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