The Frain’s Road to the Winter Classic

I just had to re-post this…It was a blast and brought back some great memories ❤


IMG_1609IMG_1703“Happy New Year”  Woo Hoo it is 2015.  I really want to leave 2014 in the dirt, because that is where it belongs.  I’ll save that for another day/blog.  It is a beautiful, sunny warm day in Richmond, VA.  I am celebrating New Year’s Day with my guys, the husband  Michael and our two sons, Matthew and Connor.  We are going to the, “Winter Classic.”  This is an outdoor hockey game hey do every year on New Year’s Day.  This year it is our Chicago Blackhawks vs. the Washington Capitals.  We are huge, huge Blackhawk fans.  Going to this game was just a dream/wish come true.  The tickets were way out of our budget, especially because my husband lost his job last year and we were unemployed, but the Christmas Angel’s came through and we were able to get the tickets.  And they were not just any tickets, they were…

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