Let the Games begin

Of course I have to add my favorite song in the whole world, yes you know Bon Jovi, “Hallelujah.”

That’s what I usually say when the festivities are going to start.  That usually happens when I get the phone call from the husband telling me they have closed the office.  He’s always the last to leave 🙂  So I got the phone call, now the games begin and I feel like it’s Christmas finally.  The weather could be better, but everything else has fallen into place like it usually does every year.  So for now, again Merry Christmas.  I’ll put up some memories from years past and Let the begin.  HEE HAW  !!!




Let’s find some more Christmas memories…

And a just a few more…

A few more from wayyyy back…

Well that’s all for now…

10 Comments on “Let the Games begin

  1. Yes! It is a very nice way to start off the holiday season. Bon Jovi does a wonderful “heart-felt” job of singing Hallelujah. I will not be humming this song for the rest of the day at least. I’m blessed to praise our Dear Lord everyday. Now He is hearing me hum his praise! Thanks for sharing the song and more smiling pictures of yourself, and what I suspect are eternally your very own heart warmers. Merry Christmas!

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