It’s Go Time

Well it is, isn’t it ??  Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve and Sunday’s Christmas !!!  So, Merry Christmas everyone out there in the bloggoshpere ❤  I hope everyone is healthy and just has a few loose ends to tie up.  That’s how it is for me.  Today I’ll finish my shopping and cleaning, Christmas Eve is dinner out at a really great restaurant, “Gibson’s Steakhouse.”  Before that, I’ll finish wrapping and baking though.  We are going to Midnight Mass for the first time I think except for way, way back when we were first married (aka before kids).  We went then and it was Christmas.  It’s good to remember the birth of our Lord in the middle of all the chaos, “Jesus is the the reason, for the season.”  

Looking forward to the guys getting home safely.  Christmas is different now since all the kids are grown.  It’s okay though.  I feel more peaceful now, cerebral.  I don’t have to do all that shopping and wrapping and cooking and baking and cleaning and yadayadayadaya… The husband will be home early tonight and the Hawks are on.  Looking forward to having my Connie home to watch the games with especially, “Road to the Winter Classic.”  A couple of years ago we watched that and it was so much fun.  We were in Virginia Beach at the hotel and every night we would all gather around the tv in our hotel room and snack and watch it.  I did my own version of the road to the winter classic.  I think I will re-post it.  Such great memories.  We’ll make some more this Christmas with the Winter Classic being so close in St. Louis.  Let’s just hope they win this time.  I don’t really care, it’s still a blast being with my guys and watching the game… 

So I just re-posted the Road to the Winter Classic…It was a blast that year.  I’ll try to get something up from this year’s Christmas.  Merry Christmas blogger’s ❤  Enjoy

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