Good Thursday Morning

Well Christmas is almost here.  Sorry I haven’t blogged in awhile.  Been busy getting ready for the holiday’s as I’m sure you all have too.  I hope it’s not getting to hectic and everyone is staying healthy.   That was always the fear.  It’s like post traumatic stress at this time of year because it always seems that someone was catching something bad.  

I can remember one year, not too long ago it was me who went down w/bacterial pneumonia.  I remember coming out of the back bedroom b/c the husband moved to the front room to get some sleep.  I guess my coughing was keeping him awake.  I could barely walk, so I sort of crawled to the front room at about 4 am I woke him and asked him if he could take me to the hospital emergency room because I couldn’t breathe.  He responded, “Are you sure ??”  My snarky response was, “We have been married for 35 years.  In those 35 years, how many times have I woke you up in the middle of the night and asked you to take me to the ER because I couldn’t breathe ??”   He responded, “Okay let’s go, but I’m going to work in the morning.”  I shot back at him with the look of death in my eyes and said, “Okay, then just drop me off and send one of the kids to get me, OMG really !!!”  That woke him up and he thought better of how he chose his words.  I gave him a pass because I’ve always known the man’s work ethic, so I just look past it and try not to take it personally.

All worked out well, I suppose.  But then he came down with a bad case of Bronchitis.  Now it’s my turn.  It’s different for me because I’m the mom and I have been taking care of people all my life so I know how too.  Getting him to the Doctor’s is a feat in and of itself.  I think every other sentence is, “I’m going to work tomorrow.”  I just role my eyes and say, “Whatever.” I’m usually sitting on him telling him your not leaving the house until you are fever free for 24 hours and have eaten something…  Yeah he’s the one everyone hates at the office because he comes back to work with all of his germs coughing and hacking and gets the whole office sick.   

But I’m hoping everyone is just going to keep well.  My Mr. Louiebird (the cat) is acting not so good and that has me more than a bit worried.  Don’t have the time to get him to the vet but it might just turn into an emergency, so I’ll have to make the time.  

I have most of the shopping done and menu’s planned.  Dinner reservations are made.  All that’s left is the wrapping and I’ll get the house cleaned.  There’s also other drama’s going on but they will just have to wait until I can deal with them.  

I have some new ideas for the new year that I’ll share with you soon.  They are exciting so make sure you check back.  

Here’s a new picture from the Painter…

Sunflowers of July

 I’m still loading them up to our sites so if you don’t see something, just msg me or email.  Blessings to all of you during this Christmas/Holiday Season and let’s have a great 2017.  2016 really kind of, well you know ❤    

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