Things can change, but remain the same…

Good Wednesday Morning <3.  I’m just going to throw a little wisdom in the holiday season today.  I hope you’ll enjoy.  I’m going to be sharing with you one of my Holiday Journal’s from 2000.


 I’m getting out my holiday journal and I’m going to read about Christmastime past and I’m going to write about Christmastime present. I love my little holiday journal. I almost think it’s a living, breathing journal. I suppose because when I read the words from people that have had the privilege of writing in my journal, I can hear their voices and I feel the love. Yes I know, kind of sappy, but it’s true.

Seems like yesterday, but it wasn’t.  Just a few tidbits from the family aka a couple of my kids when they still thought they knew everything.  I’m pretty sure that’s not what they think now !!! This entry is from my oldest.  There’s really nothing incriminating, just giving you the mindset of an 18 year old.

Christmastime Journal Entry/Michael Jr. Christmastime Journal Entry








Here’s a journal entry from my daughter.  The sentiment is good <3.

img_3871This is just a fun picture of our two youngest ones.  I think they just couldn’t think of anything to write so I just took a picture of them

img_3870 img_3869







img_3874 Christmastime Journal Entry from Mz. Barb


This was an entry from some very dear friends.  We went to their annual Christmas Party and Mz. Barb was kind enough to make a journal entry.  She wrote very kind words about me and my family.  Reading that puts so much into perspective.  Remember the good.  Thank you <3.

We always hold on so tight.  Change is hard but only if you let it be.  That’s right, Let it Be.  If you do that, then it won’t be so hard.    It can be a challenging time of year around the holidays.  You want things to stay the same, but that’s just not realistic at all.  The only thing that’s constant is change.  I think my new tradition for the holidays is going to be each and every Christmas is going to be different.  I’m not saying to forget about Christmastime past.  No, never !!  Remember the old memories and people who you made them with, but look forward to this year’s holidays.  

 This morning I made reservations for Christmas Eve dinner with my adorable husband and then we are going to go to Midnight Mass !!!  I haven’t gone to Midnight Mass since I was a kid singing in the choir.  It is magical and I’m so looking forward to that.  We might just stay up all night and watch Christmas Movies, listen to Christmas Music and drink something hot.  We’ll snack on all of our Christmas goodies and open some presents and fall asleep about 4am out in the living room on the couch, snuggled under our warm blanket <3.

We’ll wake up whenever we want because we can, (actually he’ll have to wake up in time to get the boys from the airport) and I’ll start baking my overnight sticky buns.  I’ll have brunch waiting for them to come home.  We’ll hug each other and love each other and then they’ll fall asleep b/c they had to get up and be on a flight at 5:50am so they will be tired.  They’re young so they can take it.  I’m sure there will be a fight about who gets the big bed.  I’m putting my  money on Matthew, only b/c Connie is just a go along kind of guy.

So yes I’m looking forward to having my family with me on Christmas, good home cooked food, Hockey (of course) opening presents and just the talking that goes on which I’m sure will be the White Sox’s future first, then hockey and then just how bad the Bears sucked this year and how they really should be 10/6 or something like that.   It’s those conversations that are imprinted upon my heart and soul.   I am blessed and I say thank you for those blessings.

I hope everyone reading this is going to have a wonderful Christmastime.  Look at all the lights and the hope for the New Year.  Merry Christmas, love ya <3. 

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