It’s a Wonderful Life

Good Monday morning !!! We are covered in snow and now we are getting ready for the Arctic Blast. So yes it is officially winter in the Midwest. The weekend was great, except for the snowstorm. We had tickets to the Hawks game and as fate would have it or as I should say as the snow should have it we decided that it just wasn’t worth life & limb to go see the game live. We stayed home in our warm little house with a fire and watched it from the safety of our couch. It was a good game, they won Woo Hoo, and we didn’t have to drive home in all that snow.

That’s on my Christmas Bucket List, going to a Hawks game and I thought I was going to get to check it off last night. I’ll just have to wait for the Winter Classic, shhhhh it’s a surprise :). I did get to check off one thing from the list though and that was watching, “It’s a Wonderful Life !!” I love, love, love that movie. The year we were married, I think we watched if everyday. That was before cable, OMG so they just ran that movie on a loop I think on PBS. But it really does hit home.

Did you ever wonder how your life has impacted the world ?? Just think if you weren’t here how different it all would be. I always say to the girl’s that are in their 9th month (Prego’s), remember that is a very important day because the day your baby is born, the world will be changed forever !!!

If you haven’t watched it yet, really go watch it. It is a feel good movie at this time of year. It will really put you in the Christmas spirit. That was Saturday night I watched it and I’m sure I will watch it again this holiday season ❤

I will say though, it has been a December for the books.  Not all of it good either, but that is why you have your Happy Memory Bank.  Sometimes you just have to go back and think of all of the good times you’ve had in your life.  Make a withdrawal, watch a movie, bake something.  It’s all good and those memories you made will see you through.

This week I am definitely, positively going to get my Christmas Book done.  I will post as I am doing it so you can see how it goes.  I really was waiting for my Christmas Planner Supplies.  I ordered them when we were out in Virginia at Thanksgiving.  So it’s really not my fault that they took a little longer to get here.  I still have 2 weeks  to get this done.  Remember what I always say, “If it wasn’t for the last minute, I wouldn’t get anything done.” 

Remember to go check out our store, for all of your holiday original artwork gifts.  

Don’t forget about our Amazon Handmade acct. too !!

One more thing, if you are shopping at Amazon use my, “Shop Amazon” widget on my home page.  I have to do this, the husband reads my blog and whenever I don’t promote our stores he gives me the, what for’s.  He’s a salesman, he can’t help it.  He says, “A B C  Always be closing (the deal, I guess). ”  We sold a painting last week on our Amazon Handmade, the “La Pieta”.  That is always so exciting ❤  

Have a great week ❤ and let’s get this holiday thing done !!!  Merry Christmas ❤


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