A Girl Can Change her Mind

Can’t she ??  So yesterday I went to get the nails done.  I knew there’s a reason that I always keep my nail appointment.   There’s just something about having pretty hands.  It always makes me feel better and definitely makes the ring look better too.  There’s chit chat with your manicurist.  She’s almost like the bartender or doctor.  They take that oath of silence.  Anything that’s said in here, stays in here.  It’s a safe place 🙂  


 Now I know why the week went south to begin with.  As I was reading one of my earlier blog’s I said, “This week was going to go smoother.”   OMG I might as well of been the wicked witch of the east.  You know the one the house fell on…You never, and I mean never predict things going smoother.  Have you ever heard of Murphy’s Law ???  Okay I know, I did the unthinkable, the unbelievable.  I had a positive thought. 

So I am pushing through whatever.  First Christmas is really not about decorations or trees or even presents.  It’s about hope and the birth of our Savior.  It is a time to celebrate his birth with lights.  His birth has given us the gift of hope, of life everlasting.  “My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.”  Psalm 121:2  I came across this yesterday.  I even wrote in down in my planner. img_3858So yesterday I pushed away all of the negative feelings (feelings aren’t real, they are just feelings) and thoughts and said move on ❤  It worked so I am going to celebrate the season.  It just feels better doing that and though as I mentioned above that feelings aren’t real, they still have much power. Today I choose to FEEL happy 🙂  Good things happen when you are positive, hello. The Power of Positive Thinking, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale <3.

This is a version I came across of one of my favorite Christmas songs, “Mary Did You Know.”  How cool are these guys ❤

 As I was sitting here writing this post, the husband called and told me he got Blackhawk tickets for Sunday’s game.  B O O M !!!  How’s that for putting it out there in the universe.  So excited, our 1st game (hopefully only the 1st of many this season).  I’ll take lots of pictures.  

I am also going to get started on my Christmas Bucket List.  I’ll post and show you the really cool planner supplies I got for Christmas too.  I’ve learned a lot in life.  One important lesson I’ve learned is just to push through whatever, because that’s what life is.  A whole big mess of lessons.

Remember to go check out our website this holiday season for all your, “Original Artwork,” purchases. http://elancreationspainter.com

And don’t forget to use my, “Amazon Shopping,” widget…Thanks and Merry Christmas ❤   



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