Life gets in the way

So once again, life has got in the way.  Today I am officially canceling Christmas.  I think I am just going to concentrate on New Year’Day…I  like the New Year’s Day better anyway.  I don’t know why, but Christmas is just not my thing.  I’m Catholic and I celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but I’m just not into the other part of Christmas.  So this year, I’m not even going to put up a tree or any other kind of decorating.  I’m just going to pass.  Blessings for all who do, and I hope Christmas will be everything you hoped for this year.  For me, it’s just not going to happen…

4 Comments on “Life gets in the way

    • Mom fell and broke her hip on Sunday and had surgery. All went well but she’s 85 so this will be a challenge. Probably going up there to help her out and yes the boys are still coming but don’t know how it’s all going to happen. You know, getting the tree up, presents, baking…Thanks Mz. D for caring, and yes I definitely could use the prayers ❤

      • Oh, goodness, that is horrendous timing. I understand, this year especially. I have this week and next until my next chemo to get everything Christmas done and then the week of the 18th I won’t feel too well, so whatever isn’t finished … but at least I’ll be here. Prayers sent 🙂

      • Thanks, I’m going to do my best to get it done but I’m also going to set the bar really low. Otherwise I will just get aggravated. Keep in touch and so will I. Love ya ❤ Thanks for caring

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