Let it Snow Sunday

Winter in Maine

OMG it is snowing and I mean really snowing and sticking.  I guess it was time.  I really hope that it all  melts tomorrow.  I was hoping we could ease into the snow thing, a flurry here, a little sleet there.   Not B A M, “A winter weather advisory 2/4.”   I do love the snow on the wordpress though 😉  Is it too late to hope for an Indian Summer though.  I guess we will have to do with the January thaw.

It’s been awhile since I posted.  Been busy with getting the home ready for Christmas and getting it put backed together from our road trip.  Next week should go smoother.   Had the house cleaned and boy did it need it.  Used a housecleaner, I’m getting too old for that especially with the bad hand.  It’s doesn’t cost that much because it’s pretty small so it’s affordable.   Love when I can get the house cleaned and I don’t have to do it 😉  Putting up some Christmas decorations this year,  but not a lot. The boys will be home for Christmas.  I got a really good deal on their tickets last night.   All I had to do was use the husband’s points so that was good. They will be flying home on Christmas Morning.  

So looks like me and the husband will just be going out to a nice dinner downtown and then Midnight mass.  I’ll  probably be cooking all day on Christmas, but if I get organized it will all be done so I can just pop it in the oven.   I’ve cooked this so many times, I could literally do it in  my sleep.   Christmas shopping will be easy, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise !!!  Easy but a bit expensive.   But it is so worth it.  We have started down this tradition road, so we will just have to keep it up.  There are some other things I want to add to it, but we will just have to see how it goes.  Write it, down make it happen.  

I’ll take some pics of our mini blizzard for today.  Have a great week  blogger’s.  Planning tomorrow.  I’ll be setting up my planner for December  and my new ones for next year.  I’m just waiting for some supplies.

img_3840Thank God the snow has stopped for  now.   It’s suppose to be in the 40’s tomorrow so let’s hope it all melts !!!! 

The Blackhawks are playing Winnipeg tonight.  Hope they can right the ship.  I still think they have the best record in the NHL 16/7/3 !!!  B O O M !!!  Their regular goalie, Crow i.e. Crawford, is out with lower body (appendectomy) so Dharling will be in the net.  He has been  pretty good for us so far. 

Enjoy your Sunday evening and I hope your week will be good…Blessings ❤  


7 Comments on “Let it Snow Sunday

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading this beautiful piece. Yeah, December is such a wonderful month filled with so many activities. It’s really busy and tasking for some of us but quite interesting too. I hope you’d enjoy the moments and savour the joys that this season brings. I love snow and wish it would be a white Christmas here. 🙂 Wishing you and yours a blissful week ahead. Xx

    • Thank you so much for stopping by ❤ December is a very good month. I'm going make my bucket list for December & Christmas so I don't miss a minute of it !!! Movies, Tea w/friends, Shows (Nutcracker/Son is doing the Snow King. He just makes the stage come alive, of course I might be a little prejudiced, but he is good ❤ Tomorrow I'm going to be setting up the December planner. Check back on Tuesday. It should be fun. Have a great week ❤

      • I just realised I didn’t see your whole comment ‘cos I was using my phone… until now that I came on the PC… Wow! December is just so loaded with fun all the way. 🙂 Looking forward to your Tuesday post. Have a beautiful day. 🙂

      • I hope it happens. Life changes so fast. I just got a call from my sister and it wasn’t good. Mom (85 years young) fell and broke her hip and needs surgery today. So I’m sure things are not going to go smoothly this week. Prayers please ❤

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