Thankful 30/Day 30

Good Wednesday morning blogger’s.  It’s hump day already.  It has been a good month blogging and I hope you have been following my, “Thankful 30.”  As I stated back at the beginning, “No matter what your situation in life is you always can find something to be grateful for.”  It is so much easier to get through your days with a positive attitude, a plan and being able to say, “Thank you,” at the end of your day 🙂  

Today I am grateful for this blog and all of the reader’s who follow.  I have been doing it now for around 2 years and I have learned so much from blogging and from you, my follower’s.  I love the comments and the likes.  This blog has become so much more for me.  It is my friend.  I have learned what I like to write/blog about.  It gives me hope in my future because it inspires me with all kinds of new ideas.  When I go back and re-read my blog, it feels good.  So today I would like to say, “Thank You,” to all who have read and follow and comment.  

I am looking forward to December and Christmas.  Closing out another year and planning the new year.  I am going to make my Christmas Bucket list so I don’t miss any of the fun things that happen during the holiday’s.  I’m also going to start getting my new planner set up for January, 2017.  I get chills just thinking about it.  Thank God for planner’s !!!  I have 2 new planner’s that I want to get.  I’ll tell you about them later.   So exciting 🙂  

It has been real, sharing my Thankful 30 with ya’ll.   I hope you will remember that when those dark days come along, and they do for all of us, just slam that damn door and don’t go into that room.  And remember a good way to avoid that dark room is to just find something, anything to be grateful for.  Blessings and Thank You ❤ blogger’s.   

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