Thankful 30/Day 28

My thankful 30 for today is sleeping in my own bed and sleeping in.  Yay, yay I’m home and I don’t have to get in the car today and drive.  Having a really good cup of coffee for the first time in a week and not minding the Monday I have in front of me.  It’s all good and I love being home after a road trip .  

So yes this afternoon I’m also going to share with you a little bit about how my traveler’s notebook worked out.  I think it was a success.  I had bought a new one b/c I liked the color, mint and I got some really cool accessories for it.  That however, is one thing I would change.  Next time I’m going to use a dark brown, leathery type.  I think that will travel better and will even look cool getting worn.  I kept the mint one pretty much in my bag and it made me nervous that I was going to ruin it.  It did wear pretty well though.

Here’s some pictures of it.


This was the first day.  Usually record the time and date we left.  I also the jot down the weather conditions when we left.  That’s so we can see the difference in home and where are destination is.  Then I take notes along the way…


Of course when we are on a driving road trip, we always play the license plate game.  I clearly won because I not only had the most, I had the coolest too.  I also wrote the rules down for future use.  I get to make the rules b/c well I just do 🙂   


Next I have made, “To Do,” pages for each day.  I used them somewhat, but I was out of my regular planning routine so I didn’t use them as much as I should have.  I think they will be more useful in the future though.

These are some extra sections for the travel planner…I brought along some emephera, stickers and journaling cards just to make it fun!!!   And it sure was 🙂   


These were just some other things I brought with me to make it interesting and fun to look at.  My boys liked it.  They just gave me their crooked smile. I love them ❤        

So I think it was really a helpful tool and better than lugging along my planner.  It was a bit chunky and I think I am going to have to streamline it a bit so it fits better in my bag of tricks.  I’ll show you that next time.  Always have to have my bag of trick ❤  Let me know what you think, love ya ❤ …

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