Thankful 30/Day 27

There’s no place like home ❤  Yes the Road Trip was a huge success !!!  But be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home ❤  I’m trrrrr’d  though. I watched this movie over the holiday weekend.  It’s one of my fav’s and brings me back to a simpler time ❤      

 Total miles is in 2 days of driving was 831 miles.  Yesterday was the long day 500 plus and we got to Cincinnati about 8pm which was early.  Today we picked up an hour because of the time change so we pulled into town at 4:30 pm…

It’s good to be home, but now I have loads of laundry and a lot of housecleaning to do !!!  But it was a really good trip, and once again the husband (who did all the driving) got us there and back safely.  We really travel well together.  He finally knows when I need my ice tea and I finally know when to get in the shower and forget the make-up, let’s go 🙂   Also now that we don’t travel with a pack of kids, we barely stop to eat.  

My thankful 30 for today is having a home to come home too, because Dorothy said it best, “There’s know place like home ❤ ” and having my furry, loyal friends waiting for me…

Can I go to bed, please ...

Tomorrow I’ll let you know how my travel journal worked out and put up some pictures. But I’ll tell you it was well worth the effort carrying it with me ❤  Good night, fellow blogger’s ❤    

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