Thankful 30/Day 26

Today was a really wonderful day.  We hung out over at the guys 🏡…  The Blackhawks were on so we watched the game with Connie and Matthew cooked us an amazing 😉 dinner.   He cooked us a wonderful lemon glazed salmon w/thyme, roasted potatoes and asparagus.  Now this is the kid I raised who never ate anything that was green.  The dinner was very good ❤ and the Hawks won 3/2.  Could this day get any better 😉      My thankful 30 for today is having sons who have grown into amazing self sufficient young men who can cook !!!  Who knew, I am so proud of you Matthew & Connor.  We had a wonderful time sharing this Thanksgiving with you both 💞  and am looking forward to spending Christmas with you !!!  Winter Classic baby ☃️☃️🏒🏒 Let’s get some new Winter Classic Sweaters ⛄️🏒⛄️🏒⛄️ 

But alas all good things must come to end.  Road trip was wonderful and we have made some really great memories now to be stored into my Gratitude Bank for the future.  Happy Thanksgiving to all, thanks for reading and Safe Travels ❤ blogger’s ❤   


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