Thankful 30/Day 25

Good Morning, Blogger Reader’s 🙂  It was a wonderful Thanksgiving !!!  We had a lovely dinner and we all ate too much.  Went back to the guy’s apt. and slept, aka food coma’s… Of course some of us acted like we were watching the football game and baby kitty & Atlas were having some kind of territorial issues so we were watching out for them.  We didn’t want to get into the middle of a cat fight.

Connor drove us back to our hotel and then me and the husband did one of our favorite things to do.  Watch old John Wayne movies together.  Boy did that ever bring me back to the days of our courtship.  See I told you we were kind of boring.   I like to think that it’s not really boring, we just our happy together and we don’t need all kinds of circuses to amuse us.   Sometimes it’s just nice to just, “Be.”  I have to post this song for the rest of your reading pleasure.  It has been playing over and over in my head !!!

The weather was warm and pretty perfect.  It was really a nice Thanksgiving.  Slept in today at the hotel and now we are just going to go poke around Richmond and see what’s happening.  The husband loves it here.  He talks about the Civil War constantly.  I have a t-shirt that says, “Civil War  Nuts Wife.”  He knows everything about the civil war.  He wants to go visit all these creepy sites that battles were fought with all kinds of civil war ghost I’m sure.  It’s good to have Connor around because he’ll usually go with him instead.  He’s really sweet like that <3.

Today my Thankful 30/ Not having an agenda, relaxing and just letting it be.  I hope ya’ll (That’s “You all,” in the south) had a great Thanksgiving yesterday.  Love ya’ll ❤ Blessings

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