Thankful 30/Day 24

Happy Thanksgiving Blogger’s !!!  This is one of my favorite’s of the holidays, especially when I’m on the road and I don’t have to cook 🙂  Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love to cook and I loved cooking my Thanksgiving dinner.  But that was then and this is now and I don’t have any regrets looking back.  I did that and I did that a lot.  But I also remember how much work it is.  It’s not just one day or one dinner.  It’s planning the meal, housecleaning and getting ready for company, grocery list’s and grocery shopping (and not at just one store i.e. Target, Whole Foods, Baker’s Square, yadayadayada) baking the day before so you don’t have so much to do on Thanksgiving.  

We can’t forget the kid who comes home from school sick running a fever of 101 degree or the one who ends up in the ER after falling and gashing his face and of course it has to be stitched up.  I remember on Thanksgiving 1 of my kids came down with the Chicken Pox.  I had 4 kids so this disease was going to go through the whole family (kids that is) and I would be in until Christmas, ahhhh !!!  Of course you can’t leave the baby out who wakes up in the middle of the night covered in throw up and your not feeling so well yourself right now.  You get through it though, but I remember.  

It wasn’t all bad, there were some good ones too.  Like I was 9 months pg with our first.  He was due on the 25th which was Thanksgiving that year and I was so done with being pg !!!  I thought I was going to end up in the hospital on Wednesday (Thanksgiving Eve) but sadly I woke-up and was still pregnant.  We went to the my mother-in-law’s house.  I was in labor I thought so I didn’t eat like they told you not to.  I went home and laid down and I was starving so I had 2 turkey sandwiches b/c I thought I’m not in labor.  Right after I ate those sandwiches my water broke, OMG…It’s baby time !!!

Yes I was in labor and on my way to the hospital.  This was before they used epidural’s and I had the baby naturally, ouch !!!  Not even an aspirin !!!  So I had a pretty normal labor, painful and long, but I was breathing through it like I been trained to do in my childbirth class.  Really, they say breathing will get you through it.  I should of told them I am breathing, it’s not helping and I want some drugs !!!  I gave birth to my first son !!!  He was a bouncing 9 lb. 12 0z baby boy.  The nurses were cracking up every time they brought him to me and saw how tiny I was and how large he was.  The first thing my sister said when I told her how big he was, “Did they section you ??”  (C-Section)  I said, “No, I don’t think they do that here.”  That was a Thanksgiving I won’t forget.


So yay, yay today I am going to have a wonderful dinner out, with my wonderful family and I’m going to say, “Thank You,” to God for all he has blessed my life with.  Happy Thanksgiving to all ❤ Blessings ❤   


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