A Million Ways to Die…

We started out on our, “Thanksgiving Road Trip,” yesterday.  Got going fairly early for us (code that’s before noon).  We were making pretty good time but we lose an hour in Indiana so that would mean we would be driving in the mountains at night because our first stop is West Virginia.

I hate driving at night, but with the earlier sunset what can you do.  The first day of a road trip always has to be your long day of driving.  Before we even entered the really big mountains, and I’m not even sure of that because it was dark I had seen 5 dead deer along the side of the road.  Then of course you get the signs, “Falling Rock Zone.”  Next comes the “Reduce speed, Construction Ahead.”  Of course your on the side with, “No Shoulder,” for the next 25 miles.  

The husband is a really good driver and he tucked us in back of a semi.  His logic was on being in back of the semi is he would hit the deer first and pulverize the deer.  So now all I have to worry about is the truck losing a brake drum and it come smashing through our windshield killing us both instantly.  The trucks have to reduce their speed when going up the mountain at a certain grade so that became annoying and he started to pass his truck in the passing lane they had provided that only last for 100 yards.  He forgot to turn his high beam off and I guess it got the truck driver po’d and he shined this blinding light from his cab into our eyes.  That was fun, now we have a semi in back of us coming down the mountain who’s ticked off at his driving.  Anyone see the movie, “Duel” starring Dennis Weaver and Semi truck driver with sunglasses ???  Okay, it’s and old movie, but I knew which one he was talking about.  Let’s just hope his brakes our good, now he’s in back of us.

The husband says, “I feel like I’m in a video game, let’s just hope I don’t run out of lives.”  It really felt like that too.  Everything out here will either bite you, stick you or sting you…Thankfully we made it to the hotel safely !!!

My Thankful 30 today is we have had a safe road trip so far.  The weather is good and we’ll get going early today so we won’t have anymore night driving in the mountains, whew.

2 Comments on “A Million Ways to Die…

  1. Your husband has a point. Driving in the mountains at night can be treacherous. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen road kill though. I do know I have driven behind semi-trucks for the same reason. It seems logical anyway. Hope you continue to have a peaceful and safe journey. I imagine it’s a beautiful drive made even more wonderful traveling with those your love and trust.

    • Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for visiting 🦃 It’s much better traveling during the day. The scenery is absolutely breath taking. Blessings 🍃🌷🍃🌷 I hope you are enjoying this holiday 🦃🦃

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