Thankful 30/Day 19

Tonight, I know it’s late but I told you I had a busy day today but I wanted to get this posted.  Today I am grateful for my Travelor’s Planner.  I had a planning session getting it all ready for our Road Trip this week out east and it turned out really pretty.  

It’s so much fun planning and looking forward to the future.  I am going to have fun getting ready for this trip.  I just have to look at things differently than I use to.  I am going to take all the stress out of the, “Getting ready for the trip, i.e. reservations, packing, yadayadayada and embrace the process.  

Today I got the nails done & my little Miss Elsa to the vet for a check up, ahhh.  That cost a pretty penny, but she is so worth it.  The husband got the license renewed, oil changed and tomorrow he’s going to clean up the car or as he puts it gassed up and gussied.  I’ll be doing the laundry and packing.   Monday will be go time and then we hope to hit the road early on Tuesday.  

So I’ll leave you with some of my pictures of my beautius planner.  It really did turn out nice.  I’ll let you know how good it works on the road trip.  I’ll give you the pro’s and the con’s.  Hope your weekend is going good blogger’s.   Tomorrow it’s sleeping in Sunday for sure.  Blessings ❤ … Yes and it got cold, brrrrrr..  Oh well it had to happen I guess.

Would love to know what you think…

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