Thankful 30/TGIF

Yes I’m thankful for making it through another week.  It’s payday, yay, yay…The Blackhawks are on tonight vs. Calgary and I’ll be watching with the hubby and maybe Connie will FaceTime (always fun to watch it with my guys ❤ ).  I’m just so thankful for having home and putting the day to rest, getting in my pj’s and watching TV, staying up late & sleeping in tomorrow, eating snacks and looking forward to having 2 days off !!!  Then it’s really only one day of work for the husband and then we start on our road trip to spend Thanksgiving with the guys.  Road Trip, baby and the weather looks clean and green all the way there.  

Went shopping today, got some new make-up for the trip.  Tomorrow I’m getting the nails done and I also got a new Travel Planner/Mint.  It is beautius so I’ll be setting that up for the trip !!!  I have a little bit more shopping for the trip and husband is going to get the car cleaned and all ready to go.  Really looking forward  to this.  It’s been about a year since we have had a road trip and it’s going to feel really good to get out of town.  

I’ll still be doing my, “Thankful 30” so check back.  I’ll also be posting pic of the vacay with the guys.  So today I’m really thankful for my life and how blessed I am to be loved and have a family ❤  It’s really been worth it.  Have a great weekend.  I have a busy one, but I’ll save that for tomorrow.  Time to go watch the Hawks 🙂 !!!

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