Thankful 30/Day 17

Today I am so, so very thankful for my friend’s and the friendships I have made for the and special  people who have touched my life.  My life has definitely been a journey, and I am thankful for all the lessons learned from the challenges I have encountered along my way.   You can look at life and say how unfair it is and believe me I know.  However, when one of life’s injustices come my way I try to see what I can gain my this experience to improve my life.  I have learned that if you approach each day with, “Thank You for another 24 hours,” you will be able to meet whatever  challenges come your way.

Friend’s can get you through so much.  They see things a bit for objective than you can in your time of need.  My friend’s are the best, they are more like my family and I love them dearly.  I don’t take them for granted and I cherish them.  They are the gems that make up my crown of life.  They are always there when I need them and my love for them is imprinted on my heart and soul.

I truly believe in those people who have been brought into your life is for your good and the ones who are taken out or leave is for your good too !!!  I love my circle of friend’s and I cherish them.  I thank God for all of them who love me, my family and celebrate the joys but also morn the losses with me.  Thank you for sharing my journey.  

Thankful 30/Day 17 is about friends and friendship…I am blessed <3.

Okay maybe that last picture is a stretch…It’s the Chicago Blackhawk’s at the airport after a really late game.  A friend of mine knew how much I loved the Blackhawk’s and when he was in the airport taking the red eye, these guys were in front of him and he gave me the pic.  But they could be my friends because I spend many evenings with them, win or lose and they make me feel like my world is good.  Winter Classic Tickets 2017 Baby/St. Louis here we come…B O O M !!!! I dedicate this blog to my friends Beth, Cheryl, Maria, Mz. D, Lisa, Mz. Leshia, Mr. D.Randall Blythe and all the ones that have made a difference and brought love into my life <3.  Thank you ❤ for caring ❤

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