Thankful 30/Day 16

I know, I know I didn’t put up a post yesterday.  Please forgive me, I was so, so sick… IDK what was wrong but I know what I am thankful for today and that is my health !!! Yes so important, I thought I was near death yesterday and now today  I am fine.   I had a bowl of cereal, and a cup of soup.  I think I’ll even go out to dinner w/the husband.   Whew, I’m so glad to be feeling better

My thankful 30 for today is going to be the steady ones that I have everyday of my life…Those would be I’m healthy and I was given another day, 24 hours to do with whatever I want.   I have a roof over my head, a really nice bed to recover in and a refrigerator full of food.   Most importantly I have my husband who makes it all possible by going to work everyday and making sure his family is taken care.  Thank you, thank you so much husband for taking care of me and loving me.  I love you to the moon <3.  

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