Thankful 30/Day 14

Good Monday evening…It was a beautiful start to the week.  Here we are in almost the middle of November and the sun is wonderful and the temps are like upper 50’s and they are calling for 60’s tomorrow.  Man are we going to get nailed, I can feel it.  But the Big Full Moon was beautiful and I got some nice pictures of it.

Today I  am thankful for, “Spa Day <3.”   Yes I started the week out with an afternoon at the spa.  I got a facial.   It was heavenly and boy did I need to decompress.  I also got to get some of my lotions and potions that I have been out of as late.  Yes these are the days I’m glad to be alive and I say thank you for my husband who just let’s me be.  I love you husband, you are truly the best thing in my life forever and ever…  You take such good care of me and I love you to the moon ❤ …

So really today I’m just happy to be alive and loved.  I have a new week to do with whatever I want to and it feels good.  Sometimes you just have to power through life’s crap for the lack of a better word.  Go to your happy place and know that tomorrow is another day, another gift and always remember to say thank you.  Because there’s always something to be thankful for, always.

But really I better get busy on this road trip or it’s going to get to the point of, “If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done :).” I hope you are enjoying this beautiful, big harvest moon.  I know I am and I even got a really cool picture.  Here’s how my dining room table still looks, ahhhh ;).

But I did find someone to come in and help me clean.  You saw my Angry Bird’s hand.  It hurts and it’s hard to clean…Awwww 🙂  Blessings blogger’s.  I hope your week started off as good as mine ;).

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