Thankful30/Day 13

All day I was thinking about what would be good for Thankful 30/Day 13.   Sunday’s are not a great day for me, it was a challenge.  But as the day was getting over I stopped and looked around at this day I thought surely you can think of something to be thankful for today.   I did.

Today I am thankful for the little things.  Advil, Coffee, taking a nap, watching the Blackhawks with my guys (Game is in progress, let’s hope they win!!!  Playing a very good team, The Montreal Canadians, they are an original 6 team)  Right now they are leading 3/2 so let’s just hope it stays that way 😉 …

I am grateful for the little things today because they add to your quality of life.  Well w/o coffee, who could wake up.   Advil for all of those ache’s and pain’s which for me is my hand.   I call it my Angry Birds hand.  I was diagnosed with arthritis, but I agrivate it by playing that stupid iPhone game Angry Birds.  Usually while I’m in the car.  I have been playing it for about 4 years and I’ve gotten to level 450 + something.

Today however I had a total melt down in the car.  First I will show you a picture of my, “Angry Birds Hand.”  I had to restore my iPhone last week so today when we were going to Starbuck’s I pulled out the iPhone to play my Angry Birds game.  Evidently when you restore your iPhone, it starts off where you left off on your games. OMG !!!  When I realized I was back on level 247 I just lost it.  img_3768

The husband was cracking up because he couldn’t believe how upset I got. I told him, “Look at what I did to my hand to get to level 450 or something and now it’s all for nothing and I have to start all the way back from level 247 or something like that. Well I said screw that. Hopefully when I take it to the Apple Main Place they will be able to fix it.

But I’m thankful for the advil that makes it feel better.  I’m thankful for the brace/bandage I wear to help it not hurt and hopefully heal.  I’m thankful for the cup of coffee that I had with the husband and the nap I took this afternoon.

Have a great week blogger’s. Blessings ❤



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