Happy Wednesday/Thankful 30/Day 9

Today I am thankful for this election being over and still loving this country that I live in.  I have stayed out of voicing who I was backing, but I voted for the PRO-LIFE candidate because that’s the only one who will ever get my vote !!!  I’m hoping we can all get back to our daily lives and I truly hope he will make America great again !!!

So today I’m thankful for the gift of hope.  You can live 40 days w/o food.  You can be deprived of oxygen for about 3 minutes without any brain damage, but you can’t live without hope.  So let’s just hope he does what he says and remember, he’s just one person.  This country voted him in according to the rules, we can vote him out.

I for one am going to give him a chance before I pass judgement on him.  Blessings and I hope we can move on because I promised the husband I was going to cook him dinner tonight ❤ …   

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