Thankful 30/Day 8

Today I am thankful for my religion.  I am a pro-life Catholic ❤  My life is guided by these principles and I am not afraid to say this.  I don’t wear it on my sleeve, but I’m not ashamed about it either.  I don’t hide it, but it is a very personal side of me.

My mom and her mom (my grandmother) really taught me about my religion because they lived it.   I am not the best Catholic in the world, I don’t make it to church every Sunday but I do try to live my life with the values that I was taught.  I am thankful for my church and I can go there anytime, day or night and as the husband puts it, make a visit…  

Praying is so good for me.  I have learned a lot on this journey called life.  I have learned that you need to have something that is bigger than you.  A belief in someone or some higher power that is in control for the good.  When life seems out of control, I pray.  When I’m not sure of what decision to make, I pray.  Every morning when I wake up I say thank you for another day and then at night when I close my eyes and I’m done for the day, I pray.

I’m going to share a story about a  personal meeting I had with our Lord.  It was when I was in the hospital recovering from a very serious car accident, traumatic brain injury (coma).  I was in the ICU and I was awakened by a code over the hospital intercom…”Doctor Blue, Doctor Blue,” came blaring through those speakers.  Then the nurses start running and the crash carts, doors slamming, beeps and bumps are all around you.  Hospitals are no place to get any rest.  They are very noisy and something is always going on.  Well that certainly didn’t make me feel very safe.  In fact it was just the opposite.  I thought to myself, “What if I’m next ??”  I had to talk myself down off that ledge and I remember saying to myself that, “Of course you are going to hear those kind of things.  You are in a hospital…”  So I just started to pray and I asked Jesus to protect me.  The next thing I know, He was sitting on my bed, stroking my forehead and telling me everything would be fine ❤  I fell off to sleep.

The next day I remember telling that story to everyone.  They just told me, “You have had a traumatic brain injury and combined with all of the medications it was probably just a dream.”  Well I can’t say for sure that it really happened, but I believe it did !!!  For those who don’t believe there is no explanation possible, for those who do believe there is no explanation necessary.

I have learned though that hospitals have a lot of unexplained things going on in them there halls, especially at night.  I’ve been in there more than enough times unfortunately, that I know.  But that experience was good because it was just one more thing to put into my bank of memories and helps me to keep the faith.  So for my Thankful 30 today is I am thankful for being Catholic, knowing how to pray.  God Bless America 





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