Thankful 30/Day 7

I am thankful to say I’m an American and thankful for the right to vote !!!

Good evening fellow blogger’s.  Tonight I am thankful for being able to call America my home.  I have always said if you are lucky enough to be born in America, than you are lucky enough !!!  So many freedoms and opportunities.  

Tomorrow we will all hopefully go vote for our candidate of choice, but win or lose this country is really not about the president and who that is.  This country is about the people.  There will never be anyone bigger than us.  Hopefully they will be good for this country and love this country as much as all of us regular guys.  Hopefully it’s not just a power grab and let’s hope they want to make America Great Again !!!!

If not, America is strong enough to survive a lousy leader.  We have in the past and in 4 years we’ll just vote him out.  We still have The Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments to the constitution, some of which are “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”  America will go on and survive.

Tomorrow is a proud day to be an American.  The whole world is watching and the outcome will affect everyone.   Exercise your right and vote.  It’s a privilege so don’t take it for granted !!! Remember though Wednesday will come and we will get up, have our coffee and live our lives.  

Happy Election Day…Thank God it’s over.  Here’s some music for you to end this moment in time, enjoy and God Bless America ❤ … 



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