Thankful 30/Day 6

Sunday is always a day I’m thankful for.  It is a day where I really try to do nothing and just enjoy life.  I don’t have to feel guilty because God said we should rest on this day.  I try not to shop.  Just for one day, stay out of the stores.  Every store, grocery stores, the mall and even on-line.  It can wait til Monday. 

The husband said, “If I would stop singing this song, he’ll buy me another ring…”  I told him I’m good with this ring so I’m still singing, “Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady.”   This is one of my fav’s 🙂  

Sunday is a good day to spend with my husband.  When we were raising a family, I didn’t like Sunday because that meant Monday  was tomorrow and I would be home alone with all the kids.  That was hard because keeping them all going, feeding them, cleaning the house, paying the bills and someone was always sick, well let’s just say my plate was full.  Worry, worry, worry…  Looking back on it, I’m glad it’s over and I survived and no I don’t really miss it.  I was there all the time and now it’s time for me and the husband.  Oh and we can’t forget about the animals.  That was then back in the day.  This is now and now is good.  I suppose that gorgeous new diamond on my hand might have something to do with my happiness 😉 …

Sadie, Sadie Married Lady


The weather is still gorgeous, and finally got the garage to the point we can get the car in so B O O M !!!!  The husband is happy about that.  I’m going to fix some brunch and have my Stroganoff Beef Sandwiches for dinner.  I might even bake that cake finally.  Thank God it’s a bye week for the football team and the Hawk’s are on tonight so we’ll be watching them.  They are in first place, 7/3/1 !!!  Looking really good.  So happy we are done with the baseball thing… That was rough on everyone 😉  No just because we have lived here all are life makes us a fan.  We are southsider’s all the way baby, sorry <3.

Mr. Louiebird and the husband watching the Hawks

So yes today I’m thankful that it’s Sunday, beautiful weather, garage is good to go for winter, baking and cooking home cooked meals, and that beautiful brand new diamond I got from the husband yesterday !!!!  Oh yes, I sneaked some more planning supplies coming my way.  I’m really going to get my planning going and get organized because it is just so much fun playing with all of that stuff.  I’m going to start posting on that.   Please check back on that tomorrow because I’ll put up a post of my planning sessions… 


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