Thankful 30/Day 4/TGIBig Check Friday

I am truly grateful for payday, every other week.  So much to be thankful for…I have a husband who works really hard and has a good job.  He makes a living, a good living for us.  He alway has.  From the day we were married I told him I would make it work whatever he provided for us, but that he always had to work.  Barring any illness of course.  So we have been blessed.  He worked hard  to get his degrees at school, undergrad and graduate.  Nothing was ever given to him, and as he says that was good because he wanted to make his own way for us.   For our life.   I was lucky because he was always a very ambitious person.  He wasn’t happy just being a paper pusher.  He wanted to be CEO of his own company and at one point he started his own business.  He learned a lot when he did that so it was totally worth it !!!

I held up my end of the bargain which was I was a stay at home mom and homemaker and took care of our family.  He has had down times and we did what we had to do.  We both worked pouring coffee side by side, he drove a limo, worked at a bank and taught at a community college at night.  This was done all at the same time !!!  But I made sure we lived on what he brought home.  When he was pouring coffee at a coffee house (Mind you this was a guy who has an advanced degree, MBA working at a coffee shop) doing it full-time so that his family would have health insurance.  But thank God nothing lasts forever and he clawed his way back to being a suit.  A number one salesman suit.  

Today if you notice I said I am thankful for TGIBig Check Friday…That’s salesman code for besides his base he gets his commission’s today too.  He’s worked very hard for those commissions as he’s the only commercial salesman in the department and it’s taken him about 2 years to build up his commissions and his sales book.  He doesn’t give up and he doesn’t quit.  He just gets it done and that is why I love him so.  

Please check back tomorrow and I’ll show you what we went shopping for…He’s a man of his word and as usual he spoils me ❤  I’m so excited about tomorrow.  I have been waiting for this day for a long time.  

So today I’m thankful for the husband, his hard work ethic, his good job which results in a payday every two weeks, all my bills are paid, I get to re-stock the house with groceries and make a target run, and I still have a little bit of money to go into my savings and he’s growing our 401K again.  Then there’s the surprise I have tomorrow, which you’ll have to wait for but I’m sure you’ll love it !!!!  

I love my life and I am just the luckiest girl in the whole world 🙂  Have a great weekend blogger’s and remember to say, “Thank You !!”  Love ya  Life is good and I have one last thing that I am so thankful for too.  The weather has been unbelievable, 60’s in the Midwest with no end in sight and it’s the 1st week of November.  Very cool !!  Is it too much to hope for that this stays the same, I think so 🙂 …  The winds of November are coming …Boo/Hiss 

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